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What Can I Expect During and After CoolSculpting Treatments?

CoolSculpting - what to expect

CoolSculpting Expectations

Are you interested in undergoing CoolSculpting treatments, but not sure what the process will look like?

We’ve got you. Take a look at what you can expect during and after your CoolSculpting treatments!

During Your CoolSculpting Treatment

The average CoolSculpting treatment takes about one hour to perform, so it’s best to schedule your appointment when you won’t feel rushed.

During your session, your CoolSculpting technician will place a handheld device on your desired treatment area. This device will “vacuum” up your skin so that it’s closer to the handle, thus making it easier for the freezing energy to penetrate your skin and target stubborn fat cells.

During your CoolSculpting treatment, we recommend settling in and relaxing. Our CoolSculpting patients have been known to read a book, listen to podcasts, or even catch up on their sleep during their treatment!

After Your CoolSculpting Treatment

Once you’re done with your CoolSculpting treatment, your treatment area will likely feel sensitive to the touch. That’s perfectly normal, and usually an aftereffect of the CoolSculpting suction and cooling function. Skin sensitivity usually only lasts for a few days.

Swelling is a normal side effect with CoolSculpting. Most swelling dissipates about one to two weeks after treatment. 

We do recommend that patients avoid the gym for 24 hours after their CoolSculpting session, as it puts extra stress on the body. Additionally, it’s a good idea to drink lots of water before and after your session to help flush out as many damaged fat cells as possible.

While CoolSculpting results are not immediate, you should see noticeable fat loss within 8 weeks.  It may be necessary to treat an area two or three times to achieve the desired result.

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