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Candidates for Facelift

Candidates for a facelift are usually healthy middle-aged men or women who are looking to restore their youthful appearance. Those who are suffering from sagging skin and wrinkles will opt for a facelift to improve these imperfections.

Facelift Procedure

A Facelift (also called a Rhytidectomy) restores youth to your face, neck, and jowls by removing any sagging skin and major wrinkles. To address excess fat in the neck or chin, we will use direct excision or liposuction. 

A facelift can smooth out your skin and redefine your neck and jaw contours, providing a more vibrant youthful appearance. Facelift surgery can be performed along with other facial procedures, such as a brow lift and eyelid surgery to give your face a balanced, refreshed look.

Facelift surgery takes three to four hours at our private, AAAHC-Accredited Surgical Center. Pittman offers you comfort and convenience, helping to avoid a hospital visit and associated costs. Facelift incisions are made in precise areas on the face.  The specific location of the incisions will be discussed between you and your surgeon based on meeting your goals. 

This allows us to elevate the skin, tighten your neck and facial muscles, remove any excess skin, and finish by re-draping your skin.


Facelift Recovery & Results

Following surgery, you may be sent home with facial bandages which are removed the next day. Sutures are typically removed 7-10 days after your surgery and can take a full two to three weeks to fully heal and see your facelift surgery results. You can expect to go back to work in 10-14 days, but no strenuous activity for 2 weeks or more. You can expect bruising for 2 to 3 weeks and you must limit sun exposure for several months.


Facelifts are usually performed with general anesthesia.  


Most individuals take off around 2 weeks.  This is all dependent on your stage of the healing process.


Everyone is different but we begin with the expectation that you will not engage in strenuous exercise for 6 weeks.

Pittman Plastic Surgery


“I wanted to thank you for the good job you did and your talent. I have never been a person with an excess amount of self-confidence, 

but this has helped me a lot. I had heard Dr. Pittman was good, and now I can truly say that from personal experience.”

“I am confident again. I look in the mirror and I see me, only much younger looking. 

I had been unhappy with my appearance after a facelift done 5 years prior. Dr. Pittman restored my appearance and was so much more detailed in his surgery procedures than my last surgeon. I am happy again with my appearance.

 Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I am actually startled at the results – in a good way!”

“I sincerely want to thank all of you, all the girls (nurses), and Dr. Pittman! You all have been so professional yet you made me feel right at home. 

You especially for answering all my questions. I am so glad that Dr. Pittman did this lift for me. Having everything right there and knowing who I am gonna see each time is so important in the process! You all are the best. 

I will be telling everyone about you!! See you in a week.”


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