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HydraFacial: Brighter, Smoother Skin in Just Three Steps

Facials are multi-step skincare routines that can help your skin keep looking its best. A basic facial at home, consisting of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, is good, but a professional facial is great. In particular, a patented 3-step facial called HydraFacial can give you dramatic, long-lasting results.

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a science-backed medical-grade facial that includes three key steps – deep cleansing, exfoliation, and infusion of the skin with powerful serums.


Step 1 – Cleanse

HydraFacial Step 1

Step 2 – Exfoliate

HydraFacial Step 2

Step 3 – Infuse

HydraFacial Step 3

Why is HydraFacial good for skin?

HydraFacial combines the benefits of two highly effective skin treatments – chemical peels and microdermabrasion. A HydraFacial treatment is performed with mechanized spiral wands that generate a whirling force using VORTEX-FUSION TECHNOLOGY. This technology allows this treatment to remove impurities trapped on the skin. HydraFacial is a hydra-dermabrasion device gentler on your skin than a conventional dermabrasion tool.

A patented vacuum attachment sucks out dirt and debris from deep within pores. Finally, another HydraFacial specific attachment is used to apply nourishing, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory serums to give your skin the boost it needs.


HydraFacial is a patented, science-backed treatment that consistently gives excellent results, even in sensitive skin. Moreover, HydraFacial is gentle enough that it does not trigger redness, irritation, inflammation, peeling, breakouts, or scarring. Yet, a HydraFacial does much more than a basic facial, all with a very low risk of side effects and no downtime. So, you can get a HydraFacial before a big event and enjoy an extra glow on the big day. As always, every procedure is safer when performed by a trained medical professional. All of our HydraFacial procedures are delivered by State-Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Tabatha Bourchier.


No, a HydraFacial is not at all painful.  In fact, it is a gentle spa-like experience that feels like a relaxing massage.  The treatment takes just 30 minutes to perform.  You can return to your normal routine right away.


Everyone’s skin is different. A complimentary consultation with our aesthetician, Tabatha, will go a long way in determining which routine is the right one for you. In general, most patients do well with a series of HydraFacial treatments spaced out every 4-6 weeks. The goal is to help you maintain dewy skin with a healthy radiance.


There is no special skincare between HydraFacial treatments, except avoiding makeup for 24 hours and exfoliants for 48 hours to give your skin some rest. Also, you can discuss any skincare products, tips, and routines with our aesthetician. We are experts at developing a customized skincare plan that can fit into anyone’s budget.


Yes, HydraFacial is a gentle treatment, and it can easily be combined with other cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers, Botox, and non-ablative light treatments. You can also get a HydraFacial 1-2 weeks after laser skin resurfacing to support your skin with deep hydration and nourishment while it heals.


HydraFacial – One Quick Treatment, Many Lasting Benefits

HydraFacial uses a patented device to deliver cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and deep hydration to your skin. It combines soothing spa therapies with advanced medical technology to keep your skin looking rejuvenated and loved. Give yourself the gift of a bright, refreshed, clear complexion – book your first HydraFacial today!

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Tabatha graduated in 2015 with her Esthetics license and has been loving her career-change ever since. She is passionate about skincare and this forever-growing & changing industry, loving on her patients, and helping them feel better in their own skin!


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