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Will CoolSculpting Help Me Lose Weight?

Have you heard of CoolSculpting yet?

It’s one of the fastest-growing body contouring solutions out there, with plenty of patients raving about noticeable inch loss in common treatment areas like the stomach, thighs, and even upper arms. But with all this celebration comes one important question:

“Will CoolSculpting help me lose weight?”

CoolSculpting and Weight Loss

First, it’s important to note: that CoolSculpting should not be used as a weight-loss solution. That’s because CoolSculpting is designed to target and damage existing fat cells, which are later removed by the body’s metabolic processes. What this means is that it can help tackle some stubborn fat, but it may not touch the numbers on your bathroom scale.

However, it’s important to note that many patients report seeing a noticeable difference in how much more comfortable they feel in their clothing. What’s more, many people are so inspired by inch loss that it helps jumpstart a more successful weight-loss journey.

The best way to maintain results from your CoolSculpting procedure is to continue to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. That way, you won’t run into the risk of developing new fat cells to take the place of the damaged ones.

More About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that uses freezing energy to crystallize fat cells within the treatment site. Once these cells are crystallized and damaged, they shrink and are eventually removed by the body’s metabolic processes. Over the course of eight to twelve weeks, patients can see noticeable inch loss, as well as fat cell reduction of up to 24%.

And that’s all without requiring invasive incisions or surgery!

Take the Next Step

Want to learn more about how CoolSculpting can help inspire your weight-loss journey? Schedule your consultation at Pittman Plastic Surgery in Athens, GA. Pittman Plastic Surgery serves the Athens metro region. (706) 549-3203

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