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What Are My Options for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

What is Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

You’re doing all the right things – but no matter how healthy you eat or how often you work out, you just can’t seem to move that stubborn fat from your waistline. That’s why you’re on the hunt for a fat reduction solution, but you’re not exactly looking to go under the knife.

So with that in mind, what are your options for non-surgical fat reduction?

There are plenty of treatments out there that promise to destroy fat cells and contour your body – but none of them are as popular as CoolSculpting. This FDA-approved fat reduction technology uses freezing energy to penetrate the dermis and crystallize fat cells. Over time, these fat cells break down and are removed by the body, causing a permanent reduction in fat. Clinical trials for CoolSculpting have shown up to a 21% decrease in fat cells within a treatment area, making this an excellent option for non-surgical fat reduction.

At Pittman Plastic Surgery in Athens, GA, we offer multiple types of CoolSculpting treatments to help reduce fat in all areas of the body. These CoolSculpting procedures include:

Dual Sculpting:

This procedure allows two types of CoolSculpting handpieces to be used on a single treatment area, which greatly speeds up the procedural time and results.

Cool Mini:

This procedure uses a smaller handpiece to treat hard-to-reach areas, like double chin fat and armpit fat.

Cool Petite:

This CoolSculpting handpiece is designed specifically to treat stubborn fat in the upper arms.

Our CoolSculpting technician, Susan Pittman, has performed over 2600 CoolSculpting treatments, which is more than any other plastic surgery practice in the Northeast Georgia area.

That experience – combined with her education and training at CoolSculpting University and her artistic eye – makes Pittman Plastic Surgery the go-to center for clients who want the best in non-surgical fat reduction.

Ready to see what CoolSculpting can do for you?  Schedule your consultation with Susan at Pittman Plastic Surgery in Athens, GA.  Pittman Plastic Surgery is a full-practice plastic surgery center that serves the greater Athens metro area.

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