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What is Unique About the Injection Specialists at Pittman Plastic Surgery?

It seems like every other medical spa has its own menu of anti-aging injection treatments, which means it might not seem like such a big deal to get a spontaneous Botox or Juvederm treatment.

But think about it – who is the person giving you the injection? What are their credentials? And do they understand how these injections impact your facial aesthetic?

At Pittman Plastic Surgery, we only have the best injection specialists, as they are certified and highly trained in delivering each injection. Let’s take a closer look at why our injection specialists at Pittman Plastic Surgery are so unique.

Our Injection Specialists are Physicians and Registered Nurses

Dr. Chelsea Venditto is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon and brings extensive training to her injection practice. Her aesthetic eye and experience with a broad range of injectable products make her uniquely qualified to provide patients with beautiful, natural injection results. Charlotte Sims is a master’s degree registered nurse and brings years of medical training and injection experience to each injection appointment. Charlotte is also one of only 4 Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists (CANS) in the state of GA.

Ensure that you are receiving your injectables from a well-trained and credentialed provider. Injectable toxins and fillers can affect your facial features for several months.

Our Injection Specialists are Allergan Certified

Allergan, which makes some of the most popular neurotoxins and fillers in the world, provides certification courses to top injectors. Completing these certification courses shows a level of expertise and knowledge that’s critical for patients to achieve their best results. Dr. Venditto and Charlotte are both Allergan-certified injectors, meaning every client can be confident their care is in the hands of the very best.

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