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5 Things to Know About Brotox

What is Brotox?

You’ve heard of Botox before – but what about Brotox?

As it turns out, anti-aging skin injectables aren’t just for women anymore. Botox for men is quickly becoming a popular treatment, as more people are realizing that Botox’s anti-aging effects can have significant benefits for men. For example, Botox’s ability to smooth forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet can help older men look more energized and youthful, giving that all-important appearance of seasoned experience combined with lasting energy.

In fact, Botox for men has become so popular that it’s been given its own name: Brotox!

Interested? Here are 5 things to know about Brotox:

  • You’ll start off slowly. Men are most afraid of looking overly “done”; if it’s obvious that they’ve had Botox, they’re worried that any resulting benefits will be minimized. For that reason, Brotox starts off with minimal injections; this helps revitalize the skin without creating the obvious appearance of Botox injections.
  • Maintenance is minimal. Think you’ll need to be visiting your plastic surgeon every other month for Botox injections? Think again: Brotox injections usually require maintenance every three to six months, which is certainly doable for even the busiest professionals.
  • There’s no disruption to your lifestyle. No need to take time off to recover from your Botox injections. Most injections take about 15 minutes to administer, with no downtime or recovery needed. At most, you may notice that your injection site is a little red or swollen. These side effects disappear after a day or two.
  • You’ll feel better. If you’ve been feeling self-conscious about the appearance of forehead lines and wrinkles, Brotox can help you feel better about how you look. A lot of clients walk out of their Botox sessions feeling a lot more confident – almost as if they’ve literally turned back the clock/
  • Your career will benefit. Want to move up the career ladder without giving the impression that you’re tired or unable to handle the workload? Taking a few years off of your appearance with Brotox can lead to unexpected boosts within your career, as you’ll look more refreshed and ready to tackle your job’s biggest challenges.

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