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How Many Microneedling Treatments Are Needed to See Results?

Want the kind of radiant and flawless complexion that will make you ready for your next selfie? Then it’s time to introduce yourself to microneedling treatments – one of the best non-surgical treatments for improving skin tone and texture and even minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The secret to microneedling’s success can be found in how it approaches complexion improvement. The microneedling device uses several small needles to quickly create microchannels within the dermis of the treatment area (don’t worry, many patients compare the treatment to having sandpaper gently rubbed across the skin). As soon as these microchannels are created, the body immediately kickstarts collagen production to heal and soothe the wounds. Results can be seen in as little as a week, with final results lasting several months.

Speaking of results, you may be wondering how many microneedling treatments you need to get the kind of complexion you’ve always wanted. The answer is that it depends on the quality of your skin, as well as the conditions you want to treat. For example, if you’re using microneedling treatments to even up your skin tone, you’ll probably see faster results than someone who is undergoing the procedure to minimize hyperpigmentation or acne scarring.

In general, you should expect to schedule at least 3-6 microneedling treatments; these procedures should be spaced 4 weeks apart to produce your best results.

You may be a good candidate for microneedling treatments if you want to minimize any of the following complexion problems:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne and trauma scarring
  • Brown spots/Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • And more anti-aging benefits

Schedule your consultation at Pittman Plastic Surgery in Athens, GA to learn if you’re a candidate for microneedling treatments and how many you might need to see your best results.  Pittman Plastic Surgery uses SkinPen for our microneedling regimen, the only FDA-approved microneedling device.  Pittman Plastic Surgery serves the Athens metro region. (706) 549-3203

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