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How do I know which Implant Profile is right for my Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Decisions

Plastic surgery is a personal decision in itself, but because the breasts are tied so closely with most women’s sense of femininity, the decisions involved with breast augmentation can become even more daunting. With two decades of breast surgery experience, I understand patients want breast augmentation results that reflect not only their cosmetic goals but also accommodate their lifestyle habits and complement overall body proportion.

Many people do not know that when considering which type of breast implant they will want, choosing an implant profile is also an essential consideration. When talking about the breast implant profile or the amount the implants stand out, it’s important to understand other factors like breast implant volume, implant texture, and implant placement must also be considered.

All of these factors work together to produce the desired aesthetic. The breast implant’s profile is the amount of forward projection of the implant from your chest wall. It’s important to note that the implant profile is different from implant size (or volume). Pittman Plastic Surgery offers high, moderate, and low profile breast implants. A moderate profile is the “standard” profile and adds dimension and volume to your breasts. Low profile implants have less projection per measurement of base diameter than a moderate profile while a high profile implant has more projection.

Other Factors – Breast Augmentation

Your breast enhancement results will also be affected by the natural shape of your breasts and body frame. Choosing the profile that is right for your desired look is equally as important as finding which type of breast implant would benefit you the most. During a breast augmentation consultation, I provide the patient will all of their available options so they can make a decision they are most comfortable with.

To reduce the risk of breast surgery complications like capsular contracture or implant rupture as well as to thoroughly discuss all of your breast surgery questions, it’s important to undergo a plastic surgery consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. I always tell my patients that their plastic surgery decisions should be educated and their own. To schedule your breast surgery consultation or learn more about the breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast lift, or breast enhancement procedures I perform contact my office. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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