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Breast Reduction Surgery Addresses Physical Concerns and Restores Self-Image

Breast Reduction Patients

Usually, when it comes to breast procedures, breast augmentation or a breast lift are often the first to come to mind. However, some patients’ concerns involve overly large breasts that can contribute to physical and emotional issues. Athens plastic surgeon Dr. Ed Pittman performs breast reduction surgery for both men and women to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat from breasts. Breast reduction surgery alleviates patients from problems such as poor posture, skin irritation, bra or clothing strap marks, and low self-esteem.

Large breasts can limit patients’ physical activity and cause physical pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. In addition, patients often experience difficulty finding proper-fitting clothes. Bra or clothing straps may also leave indentations or sores as well as skin irritation from constant rubbing. Many patients also experience neck and back pain as heavy breasts pull the body forward. Large breasts may also prevent some patients from engaging in certain sports or activities. Along with physical concerns, patients with overly large breasts, especially male patients suffering from gynecomastia, may feel embarrassed or self-conscious due to their appearance.

Drs. Pittman performs breast reduction surgery at their AAAHC-accredited surgical center to help patients achieve a more proportional and comfortable result. Through a surgical incision around the areola and beneath the breast crease, excess glandular tissue, skin, and fat are removed from the breasts. Dr. Ed Pittman and Dr. Chelsea Venditto will also tighten the remaining skin for a more lifted and rejuvenated appearance. They can also perform areola or nipple reduction to maintain proportion.

Often, the pain caused by overly large breasts makes breast reduction a required surgery instead of an elective cosmetic procedure. Depending on each patient’s physical condition and specific insurance provider, breast reduction surgery can be covered by insurance especially since most patients experience physical ailments from overly large breasts. With the assistance of health insurance, many women are able to improve their quality of life and participate in activities they previously could not.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast procedures or any other cosmetic procedure performed by Dr. Ed Pittman and Dr. Chelsea Venditto, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Also, connect with Pittman Plastic Surgery on Facebook and Instagram.

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