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Insurance Pays for Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Coverage

It’s no secret that health insurance companies will not pay for or provide coverage for elective cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Because they are elective and designed to enhance aesthetic features, they are not deemed as necessary health procedures that should be covered by most insurance policies.

This means most men and women seeking elective cosmetic procedures must find alternative ways to finance their surgery. There are a number of organizations that will lend money to potential cosmetic surgery patients, but these lines of credit are often difficult to secure. Whether you’re trying to finance a truck or a tummy tuck, companies that easily provide cash for procedures without discrimination or credit checks often charge enormously high interest rates.

However, there are a few exceptions to the general rule in which health insurance won’t pay for elective cosmetic surgery.

One of the exceptions involves breast reduction surgery. Many women opt for breast reduction surgery because the size of their breasts significantly compromises their satisfaction with life. Unable to perform simple tasks or participate in certain athletic events can be frustrating and downright humiliating. Some women experience excruciating back pain that inhibits their ability to work at certain jobs that require them to be on their feet for several hours each day. All of these aspects and many more, make breast reduction a “required” surgery instead of an elective cosmetic procedure.

As such, insurance companies are required to cover their patients for this procedure. Depending on your plan and deductible, the cost of breast reduction surgery will be significantly reduced with the assistance of your health insurance. This allows many women to improve their quality of life and gives them the ability to enjoy many activities they previously had to avoid.

Women looking for insurance coverage on breast lift surgery may also be in luck. An inherent part of breast reduction surgery is the removal of excess fat, tissue, and skin. Once the excess skin is removed, the breast is lifted higher on the chest wall in order to accommodate its smaller size. Women who want breast lift surgery to reverse the effects of gravity on their aging frame may find that their insurance will cover the procedure as part of breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Pittman and Dr. Venditto are board-certified plastic surgeons who perform both breast reduction and breast lift surgery. Because breast lift is an inherent part of breast reduction surgery, he is able to offer these procedures to patients who have certain health insurance coverage. Contact our office of friendly professionals to see if this type of cosmetic surgery is right for you. Your back may thank you for it!

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