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How an Eyelid Lift Can Improve Your Vision

Eyelid surgery and your vision

Eyelid Surgery and Your Vision

As we get older, eyelid skin can start to droop, resulting in the appearance of hooded upper eyelids, excess skin, and even fatty deposits around the eyes. For most people, this is a cosmetic annoyance that can be corrected with a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) procedure.

For others, sagging eyelid skin can be so excessive that it actually interferes with their field of vision. This leaves patients wondering…

“Can an eyelid lift actually improve my vision?”

Improving Your Vision with an Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift is an excellent solution for patients who want to get rid of excess sagging skin around the upper and lower eyelids, as well as fatty deposits that contribute to signs of aging and fatigue. In addition to these cosmetic benefits, an eyelid lift can help improve a patient’s vision that’s been impacted by hooded or excessively sagging eyelid skin.

By removing this excess skin, patients may be able to enjoy their full field of vision again, which can significantly increase their happiness and quality of life.

Can Health Insurance Cover the Cost of My Eyelid Lift?

For the most part, your eyelid lift isn’t covered by health insurance coverage. However, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if your doctor or ophthalmologist believes that your vision is significantly impacted by loose eyelid skin – to the point where it impacts your quality of life – your health insurance may cover some or all of the cost of your eyelid lift.

If you think this is the case, be sure to discuss your concerns with your doctor, ophthalmologist, and/or the plastic surgeon who will be performing the surgery. Together, you and your healthcare team can work on a blepharoplasty plan that works best for you and your vision.

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