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How Long is Recovery From a Facelift?

You’ve always been intrigued by the idea of getting a facelift.

It’s not hard to see why. A facelift procedure is still one of the best ways to target and treat moderate-to-severe signs of facial aging. Symptoms like deep-set wrinkles and sagging skin are no match for a facelift procedure, which repairs muscles and tightens skin to reveal a rejuvenated appearance.

Yes, you’re definitely interested in getting a facelift (or mini facelift) – but you’re worried about the recovery time associated with the procedure. Just how long is recovery from a facelift? And what exactly can you expect from the process?

In general, your facelift recovery process can be broken down by the following:

  • For the first two to three weeks, your face will be swollen with minimal bruising from the procedure. You may not feel comfortable being seen in public, and that’s okay! In fact, most patients take this time off to recover at home.
  • By week three, your face will still be somewhat swollen. You’ll be able to wear makeup around this time.
  • By week four, you should be back to your normal routine.
  • In terms of your beauty regimen, you’ll be forbidden from getting your hair colored until week six. Additionally, you won’t be able to use a hair dryer on a hot setting until around this time. The reason why is because you’re still recovering a lot of feeling in your face; therefore, you could end up accidentally burning your face without realizing it. Only use the cool setting on a blow dryer, or just air dry your hair.
  • By months three and four, you should see all of your swelling subside. However, some patients don’t see swelling completely disappear until month six.

In terms of timing out your recovery, it’s recommended that you schedule your facelift at least four to six weeks in advance of any big event or party. This should give you plenty of time to recover, as well as see most of the swelling go down.

To learn more about what you can expect from your recovery period, schedule your complimentary facelift consultation at Pittman Plastic Surgery in Athens, GA by filling out the form on this page or calling (706) 549-3203. Pittman Plastic Surgery serves the northeast Athens metro region.

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