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5 Tips on Recovering from an Eyelid Lift

5 Tips on Recovering from an Eyelid Lift

Recovering from Eyelid Surgery

Are you undergoing eyelid lift surgery soon and want to be as prepared as possible for your recovery?

We’re here to help! Take a look at our five tips to enjoy your most successful eyelid lift recovery.

5 Tips for Your Best Eyelid Lift Recovery

1. Prepare ahead of time for your recovery at home

You’re going to spend some time resting and relaxing, during the first few days after your eyelid surgery. For that reason, we recommend preparing for your recovery before you even undergo surgery.

Do some meal prep, arrange for friends and family to visit you, and invest in some comfy loungewear – you’re going to spend about 5-7 days at home, out of the public eye.

2. Get a clear understanding of your post-op recovery plan

If you have any questions about your recovery plan, don’t wait until after the surgery to get the answers you need. Quiz your plastic surgeon as much as possible. That way, you’ll feel a lot more confident and prepared for your eyelid lift recovery.

3. Don’t rush your eyelid lift recovery

Don’t rush to return to work before you’re ready. If you still need time off to recover from your eyelid lift, take that time. Rushing to get back to your normal routine before you’re ready can put your recovery at risk!

4. Wear sun protection

When going outside after your eyelid lift, be sure to wear sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. Even after you’ve recovered, be religious about applying sunscreen to your eye region. This helps minimize the chances of developing noticeable scars.

5. Exercise when your surgeon gives you approval

Ask your surgeon for the green light before you start engaging in strenuous exercise activities. Again, this goes back to the point of not rushing to do things before you’re ready – except this time, you want your plastic surgeon to give their sign-off!

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